Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer 2012: So Far So Good.

Summer Day 3.  All is so, so good.  Major news in SuburbanFarmland.  My 10-year old, A, completed his first (non-cousin) sleepover last night!  Yay!  Applause!  He has never been invited to one before, and it had been a source of anxiety for him, since he thinks every other 10-year old on the planet has done millions of sleepovers.  His brother has been invited to several (but never completed one), but not him.  And so yesterday he was invited to play over at his buddy "R"'s house, and that alone was thrilling for him, but then, oh moment of moments, he was invited to sleep over.  It was the clouds breaking and a ray of sun shining directly down on him, and when he called to ask if he could and if I could bring him clothes, I could HEAR the giant smile on his face.  So of course we brought him some stuff and wished him well, trying to act all calm and cool.

R and his mom brought him home this morning at 10, and they all looked happy.  He had been taken to Applebee's for dinner, and they played and watched movies.  Mom said he was good and they had fun, and I of course said I want to have R over for a sleepover as soon as he's ready.

It was so normal and nice.  And a HUGE accomplishment for us here.  I want to thank R's mom for hosting him in a moment that, whether she knows it or not, he will remember forever.  It meant so much more than they all know over there.

In other news, I had the jewelry party.  It was lovely.  VERY small, but lovely.  Most people that were invited did not attend, but it really wasn't that bad.  I was expecting relatively poor attendance, being that it is the first weekend after school lets out for summer.  Grad parties, vacations, all that stuff definitely interferes.  But people, aside from myself and the jewelry hostess, we had four ladies.  Four.  So sad!  I won't say it was a fail, because I had a great time.  Two of my SIL's were there, and two of my friends.  My little chihuahua buddy was there of course (because I would have dragged her here by her hair if she threatened to not come), and another mom friend of mine, who if you're reading this, we should get together minus kids sometime for a cocktail.  I sense that we were sisters in another life.  So it was a very comfy group.

After the party, though, as I was cleaning up (easy job since the party was so miniature), I decided I need to entertain again.  Soon.  I freaking love throwing a party, and I want to have one where people just come to hang.  Not to buy stuff.

One of the best things about living out here is the party potential.  Three of the four ladies that came to my party brought their kiddos.  So we had a 15-year old, a 12-year old, two 10-year olds, two 9-year olds, and a seven-year old here.  All boys.  And we really never saw them.  They were out shooting hoops or playing catch or driving the golf cart or playing nerf dart war or whatever the hell boys do the entire time. And when they were inside they went directly down to the basement for junk food and video games.  So we could just have our girlie party with no kids, even though they were there.

So I need to do this more often.  Give the parents a break.  Have people come out here, grill some meat and drink some beer, and relax while the kids run around like lunatics so they're so tired they fall asleep in the car on their way home.  Doesn't that sound LOVELY????  I think so.  Who's in?


  1. ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!


  2. YAY!! It was a BLAST!! Count me in again....ANYTIME!! We will have a get together over here at least once this summer too! Oh the fun times of water parks and zoo time etc.....this summer with you guys! I can't wait!! :) Thanks girlie!!

    from your chihuahua friend...;)