Saturday, March 31, 2012

Titanic and the Boob

Recently, A has been learning about the Titanic at school.  He's really interested in it.  During our vacation, we toured the Midway (an aircraft carrier) and stayed one night on the Queen Mary, which was built just 20 years after the Titanic.  So he's been getting even more fascinated by the big ships lately, and with the 3D version of Titanic coming out soon, we decided last night to watch it downstairs.

Oh, man.  It had been a while since I'd seen it.  And first of all, let me say it's still awesome.  I love that movie, and it was just as good as it is every time I watch it.  It was fun to watch it now with a little more perspective on what it feels like to be on a ship of that era.  And the kids were really into it.

And then there's the scene.  You know, where Rose decides to have Jack draw her.  In the nude.  "Wearing this.  Wearing only this."  Yep.  And we get some really slow, close up, lingering shots of Rose's perfect left breast.  Holy crap, I forgot about this part.

So here I am, trying to be all cool about it.  I have a theory in my parenting style, and I'm not sure how it's going to work out, but so far so good.  I don't want my kids to be afraid of language.  I don't want them to swear like sailors (do sailors really swear that much?), but I don't want them to be all freaked out when they hear a bad word, or if someone uses one towards them.  I don't want them to have all kinds of hang ups about sex or sexuality, and be ashamed of anything, like I was.  So I want to be as open as I can, as matter of fact as I can, about it.  Even though it's a struggle.  I just don't want it to ever be for them.

So then I jokingly say, "watch out kids, you're going to see her boobs!"  J instantly covers his eyes like he's horrified, but I can tell he's peeking.  A just watches, eyes wide open.  Boy, did James Cameron want to make sure we got a reeeeaaaalllly good look at that boob.

Right after that scene, if you remember, they're in the cabin, dressed, and Jack is putting the necklace back in the safe.  Then they run out of the cabin because that creepy man-servant is coming in, so they do the exciting run through the ship trying to get away from him.  And then they go get into that old car (I guess it was new to them).  And I remember what's about to happen.  So then I say, "oooh, kids, they're going to make out now!" and they act all silly about it.  And then I paused the movie.

At this point, I say, hey kids, why don't you quick take Freddy out--the ship's about to hit the ice berg and we'll start it right here when you get back in so we don't have to take him out during all the action.

As they're going up the stairs, I hear J say, "that was freaky--we saw that girl's you know what!"  And I hear A say, "I liked it."  Ha!  Then J says, "I'm going to tell mom you said that!"  Ah, boys.

Yup.  Then I watched the sexy scene and paused it again right after the hand slides down the steamy window.  A boob is enough.  Last night I didn't know if I was ready for the naked car sex conversation with my 9- and 10-year olds.

Hubby came down while we were watching the whole ice berg scene.  I told him what happened, and he thought it was pretty funny.  Then A said, "Dad, have you ever scene her boob?"  And he's pointing to me.  Yikes!  Hubby said, "yep.  I sure have."  Oh my God.  Then I just diverted by saying how they both did too, when they were babies, and that's how they were fed when they were born, and then they were grossed out enough to end the conversation.  PHEW!

So there it is.  They saw a boob.  Maybe not their first, and certainly not their last.  And they're just fine.  Let me tell you--if they're going to have to see one, Kate Winslet's is a fine first boob experience.


  1. OMG Teri! I have been thinking about this exact moment in time! Max is OBSESSED with Titanic now that they've been learning about it in school. I thought how cool it would be to take him to the theater when it comes out next month (Well.. next week I guess). But I kept thinking about the "boob scene!" I thought it might be a convienent time to go refill the popcorn...and if the popcorn is still full, I'd have to accidentally spill it.
    I don't want him to have a complex, I'm just not sure I want him to see his first boob while I'm in the room with him! lol


  2. That's so funny! I think you should just take him. Let him know he'll see it, and it's no big deal. That car scene might be more awkward, they get all sexy and sweaty... I don't know man. They're gonna see it all sometime anyway I guess.

  3. LMAO! I just seriously laughed reading the end of this! :D My turn is coming I am SURE of it!