Monday, November 14, 2011

I Think I Need a New Sweater

A lovely weekend!  Hubby and I went to the Gopher game on  Saturday--it was a beautiful cool day, and we had a great time even though the Gophers got clobbered by Wisconsin.  Ugh.  Then on Sunday we had a crowd of family come out and celebrate J's birthday party.  SIL2 walked in and said, "Look at this place! It's like Christmas at a casino!"  Ha!  It was pretty funny.  I had half-decorated for Christmas and just put a bunch of magic and playing card decorations right over the Christmas stuff.  Deliciously tacky.

I'm very excited for today.  I have no more kids' parties to plan.  All I have now is Thanksgiving and Christmas, so now I can concentrated on that!  The rest of the Christmas decorations are going up starting today, and I can start making my list for our Thanksgiving extravaganza!  

So I've been thinking about our Christmas card.  We've evolved over the years to doing a photo card for Christmas, even though I resisted it for years.  I felt like it was too easy.  For many years I would do traditional Christmas cards and enclose a regular picture of my family.  It was kind of a lot of work.  Because I would write in every card, and write names, ages, and the year on every photo.  Then last year I was behind schedule so I just did a photo card.  It was so easy I almost felt guilty.  So I'm sold on them, and they've come a long way.  I love all the layouts and designs you can do.  Hubby got a new camera this year, and he's a talented photographer.  So it will be a fun project.

Now I just have to plan what we're going to do for our photo.  In years past we've done pretty traditional stuff, usually outside.  We always try to come up with something creative, and then just run out of time.  I was telling my brother that it would be fun to stage an "Awkward Family Photo" like the ones in that book (or on the website--you should really check it out.  Google awkward family photos and I promise you it's a good chuckle).  It's a fun idea, but I don't know if we could pull it off.  My kids might not want to play along.  So I have to plan something fun.  I'll never get my three men into tacky Christmas sweaters, so that idea is out.  I thought it would have been awesome.

Speaking of Christmas sweaters, you should know that my hubby has basically said he would divorce me if I ever started wearing that stuff.  You know, the seasonal sweaters that are all embroidered and have flair all over them?  Like the sweater in Sixteen Candles that Joan Cusack wears in the water fountain scene.  It has a girl on the sweater with a skirt on--check it out here.  I'm talking blinged out sweaters with jingle bells stitched on them, or pom-poms sticking out of them, or other stuff.  Hubby HATES those.  And I know they're not that fashionable, but people, in my head, I am one of those ladies that wear them.  I know I am.  And I go as far as I can without crossing that invisible line.  I wear all kinds of gaudy holiday jewelry that jingles or sparkles.  I wear a Santa hat.  I have lots of Christmas shirts--like a red t-shirt that just has "Joy" printed on it in sparkly letters.  So as close as I can get to the holiday sweater without hubby being too embarrassed.  But I think I need to have one of those Christmas Sweater parties where everyone is supposed to wear the tackiest one they can find.  Because it's funny and you're supposed to be making fun of those.  And nobody would have to know how much I secretly enjoyed wearing mine.  Now that's an idea.  I need a reason to have one of those!  And I can serve all kinds of old-fashioned things like Tom & Jerry's (which are nasty) and hot buttered rum (also nasty) and Divinity (whatever that is).  Oh, that would be so awesome!!!!!  Folks, help me come up with a reason for the party!!!!  

Well, I have to get back to decking my halls.  


  1. What more reason do you need? And what better time for that awkward family photo? I'm in! Bring it on.

  2. Yes, do it~!! You could also add the fun white elephant gift exchange. :)