Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm Getting a Cold. What Timing!

Allow me to apologize in advance if this post makes no sense.  It's very early, and I feel like I have socks in my nose.   There's probably little sparkles floating around my head like in the cartoons.

I'm a little worried.  I have the big Thanksgiving extravaganza coming up and my nose has been completely plugged up for two days and I have a tickle in my throat that feels a bit foreboding.  I do NOT have time to be sick, people!  I'm not sure what to do, chug a bunch of orange juice and carry nasal spray are the only things I can think of.  And keep my fingers crossed.  I don't get sick very often, and it's been a really long time since I have been, so maybe I'm due.  But come on!

So who's going out for Black Friday?  I did once.  Several years ago, my sister, SIL1, and I did the early Black Friday morning.  I remember thinking it was going to be fun, getting up in the middle of the night (basically), grabbing a coffee, and meeting the ladies in the parking lot of Kohl's (our first stop).  It was very cold, and very crazy.  As I recall, we all got a few things as we trudged from store to store, but it wasn't that amazing.  And there are some crazy ladies out there!  We all decided that we were glad we did it so we could check it off our list, but it's something we don't need to do again.  I think you really have to know what you're doing to get anything out of it.  You have to really know what the retailers are going to sell, what you need, and who you're gifting it to.  We probably weren't that organized.  I've now become much more of an online bargain hunter.  Black Friday and the whole Thanksgiving weekend, I'm able to find lots of good stuff on line, all while staying in my warm house in my jammies, and waiting for it to magically appear at my door.  Lovely.

I do love to Christmas shop, though.  I think I just do it differently.  I like to casually go to stores in the Christmas season, especially little cute shops, and just wander and enjoy looking at stuff.  And if I see something for someone, I do.  If not, it's still a nice time.  And I like to shop at malls at Christmas time and wear my Santa hat, as long as it's during a weekday and I don't have a long list of stuff I have to get.  I hate stressy shopping.  Christmas shopping should be pleasant.  With yummy coffee, Christmas music playing on the speakers, and finishing with a nice meal with someone.  That's what I love.  And I especially love to Christmas shop with my mom, because we do it the same way.  It's part of my whole tradition.

So here we are, I have no time to do any Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, and I think I have a total of two little gifts done, from a list of about 40 people I need to shop for.  So it will be a busy, but hopefully lovely, shopping month for me in December.

And this is all assuming I can keep this cold at bay.  Right now I cannot breathe out of either nostril, and it's very frustrating.  I will be very busy today, but the evening is going to be topped off with a lovely outing that I will write about tomorrow.

I have to get some nasal spray.

By the way:  I'd like to wish my Great Uncle Tim godspeed on his way up to Heaven, and I hope it's some comfort to his immediate family that my dad will be there to shake his hand.


  1. Teri, get Afrin nasal spray. Not the generic, and just the original kind. It really works...lasts about 12-24 hours before you need it again. It has saved me on numerous holidays!

    Jen D

  2. THANKS JEN!!! I did and I can BREATHE!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh.

  3. Get well soon sweetie! (((((HUGS))))
    I am one of those "crazy" Black Friday shoppers. I have been going for years. Mainly with my family, but since we have moved up here I have to do it alone. I get a GIANT thrill out of it and I LOVE saving $$$$$! I usually shop for "us" if we need a new tv or dvd's or DVD player....etc. Plus, great toy deals for the boys. I love meeting al of the new people in "line" outside and discussing how "crazy" that we are for getting up so early and standing out in the cold for hours! Ha! This year I expect it to be even crazier because of the earlier time. We will see! Wanna go?? :)