Saturday, March 3, 2012


Sorry I've been away so long, my dear computer.  I've been so busy.  Quick recap:

We had a snow day.  Science Fair got postponed.  Science Fair got rescheduled.  Sister was in town.  Sister went home.  Sister's back in town.  Preparing for a big family thing at the house this weekend.  Had to clean.  Had to shop.  Still doing the treadmill!  Had to clean.  J earned a spot in the regional Science Fair!  Had to clean.  Had to clean.  Still need to clean.

But I've been missing you, my little blog.  My mojo's just not right when we're not connecting.  

People, I'm still a little in my funk.  I'm getting better, but the cloud is still there.  When I go a long time without posting, it means I've sat down many times, started writing, and deleted many beginnings because I don't feel worthy or interesting.  That shouldn't matter, right?  That's not what this is about.  I suppose if I'm feeling that way then that's what I should write about.

Right now I'm feeling pretty good.  I'm excited to see my family today.  I'm excited for lots of good food, good company, and big laughs.  I love the way my house feels when it's picked up.  I love the way it smells when I'm making Chex Mix.  Yummy!  All is well.  I'm also feeling like I REALLY need to take a good long shower today.  Like the shaving kind.  That takes a super long time.  Not that I'm super hairy, it's just that--ugh I need to stop writing about this right now.  Gross. 

I really need to make myself more of a priority every day.  I think it's like when you're on a plane, and the flight attendants are giving you that speech that nobody pays attention to anymore.  You know, how in the case of a disaster you're supposed to make sure your own oxygen mask is on properly before you help anyone else with theirs?  Even your children (gulp)?  Well, that should apply to life in general.  I should get myself up, showered, dressed and mascara'd before I worry about anyone else.  I should make sure that when I fix a meal I get to sit down and eat with everyone at the same time, and they can serve themselves.  My kids aren't babies anymore.  I should make sure I'm exercising and eating right before I worry about what they're doing.  And if I start to feel a sore throat I should treat it just as urgently as I would my kids.  


As I write this, I'm in the same PJ's that I was wearing last evening, my hair is piled up into what my hubby affectionately refers to as "the hairball", and I'm sure I have raccoon eyes.  Again, he's a very lucky man.

So sorry about the short post, but I have to go get some junk done.  Thanks for hanging out with me.

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