Monday, November 12, 2012

Baby Steps

Hellllllooooooooooooo!  Anyone out there anymore?  I feel I have abandoned my people and abandoned my blog therapy, but I am slowly crawling back.

This will be short, as sitting here in my desk chair gets uncomfortable after a while, but I can tell I am on the mend.

Hysterectomy.  Not something to be taken lightly.  Had I known how tough the recovery would have been, I surely would not have agreed to go ahead with it, so I am deeply grateful for my ignorance.  I know that when I am healed and back to normal I will feel better than ever, and be so happy I did this.  But holy cow, I have been hit by a truck.

I need to thank all of my family and friends for all the kind words, help, patience, and support.  It is very difficult for me to ask for help, but I truly have needed it lately, and it has been offered in abundance.  My mom has helped SO much, and hubby is a trooper.  My kids have grown up and stepped up all at once, and all of a sudden.  I am so proud.

I will be writing again very soon about the whole craziness of the procedure and the aftermath, definitely about my new admiration for anesthesia and Vicodin (which I'm almost not needing anymore-yay!), and how I realize that my job really does matter.  I am a stay-at-home mom.  Sometimes I find myself quietly demeaning my role, or the skill with which I perform said job.  Not being able to do my job for these past weeks has made me realize something pretty amazing:

I am damn good at my job.  And when I'm not doing it, people, it's obvious.

So I need to get back to it.  And to do that, I need to get a couple things accomplished right now:  I need to send out a couple e-mails.  I need to make a couple phone calls.  And I need to get back on the couch before I'm hurting again.

Hang in there with me, friends, and I'll be back again soon.



  1. I'm so glad you stopped to let us know you are OK. I've been thinking about you. It is overwhelming (and emotional?) when so many people step up to help in a time of need, don't you think? Take care of yourself.

  2. new follower - Your blog was recommended by the Vintage Boomer.

  3. Thanks to the both of you for reading! I so appreciate the kind words. Going out of the house today!

  4. I nominated you for the Liebster award.