Monday, July 30, 2012

While I Was Away...

I'm baaaaaack!  Summer has begun, folks.  Yay!  Baseball ended yesterday, with a bittersweet loss and then a quick drive to see my nephew's team win their championship last night.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day, perfect for watching youth baseball, and to be honest, I really am sad it's over this year.

But it was four days a week for us.  And A has been in trumpet lessons every week until this past week.  So those little commitments have made it difficult to do some of the fun summer things we have been wanting to do, so we're going to do lots of fun stuff over the next three weeks before football starts.

Holy cow this coffee tastes good.

So here's my updates for the long week I've been absent.  I have met with my advisor at the University. What a weird experience that was.  I found out that all my credits still stand, and I am still an upperclassman, however, I unfortunately have taken all my lower level requirements and so now after a 20-year hiatus I have to start in with upper level classes.  That is sort of terrifying.  The worse news is that they still haven't been able to figure out how to clear one of my ancient holds, so I have to wait until they get that straightened out before I can actually register.  I'm hoping a bunch of phone calls today will clear that up.  I'm also going to spend some time today shopping for what class I want to start with.  I will actually have to drive out there for all my classes, too.  My hopes that there would be some online options were not fulfilled.  I guess it really isn't like one of those schools I see advertised while I'm watching my daytime television...

I have eaten more sunflower seeds than I care to admit over the past few weeks.  I started during the baseball tournaments a couple weeks ago, and I think I have a problem.  And I don't want to know how much water I'm retaining from the salt...

Hubby's band had a gig!  It was so much fun to get out to a bar and be a grown up for a night.  We were out nice and late.  First, I brought A and J over to SIL3's house, where she had her regular babysitter coming over.  So they hung out with their cousins, and SIL3 and I went to the gig together.  We had dinner first, and I loved every second of hanging out with her.  We do NOT get out enough, and she is the best.  I can tell her anything, and she makes me belly laugh.  The gig was really good--two really heavy metal bands, and the hubby's rock band.  They're not so heavy, but they're primarily rock guitar, so I think that's why we were put in that category.  I hadn't seen them on a stage in years, and they are so good!  The guys from the other bands were watching our guitar player and filming him with their phones like he was some kind of celebrity.  Kind of funny, actually.  But the most fun was watching SIL3 bouncing around on the dance floor dancing with all the headbangers.  She was obviously having so much fun, and I was in awe of her free spirit.

I mowed.  And now I need to mow again.

I got my house sort of picked up.  Now I need to do it again.

I finished the laundry.  I have more laundry to do now.

I applied for a job.  WHAT?????  Yep, I did.  It's the first time I've even considered applying for a job since I left my last job in 2001.  It's a secretarial position at one of the local elementary schools.  They want a bi-lingual (spanish) secretary, so I have no shot at it, but I just wanted to get my name in the hat and in the district's hat, in case I want to try again in the future.  There was a time I was bi-lingual.  I finished my minor in Spanish a the University, and I actually tested fluent.  But, again, that was 20 years ago.  And I haven't used the language really since.  So I knew I wasn't really bi-lingual, but I figured I'd have a chance to tell them that I could be again quickly, and that I was going back to school...

So they called me for an interview.  Well, the district SPANISH INTERPRETER called me for an interview.  And it really was hilarious.  She told me she had to ask me a series of questions in Spanish, and that I was to try to answer them in Spanish.  Wha...?!?  So she rattled off the first question, and I actually started laughing.  This lady obviously had not read my application, where I wrote a whole paragraph about how rusty I was.  But I pretty much understood her question, so I re-asked it to her in English, and then I answered in English.  And then that's how I handled all the rest of the questions as well.  Awesome.  I thanked her for her time and patience, joked around with her for a bit, and hung up the phone, knowing that was the end of that.

But I don't feel badly about it.  At least I went through the steps, right?  And I'm definitely not sure I'm ready for that kind of a thing anyway.  The full-time job thing.  But my mid-life crisis is still in full-swing, so I'm definitely searching.  For SOMETHING.

I have decided I'm going to go ahead with learning how to drive a motorcycle, not just ride one.  So hopefully over the next couple weeks hubby will start working with me.  Wheee!

I'm having a big shindig at my house this week.  Friday night.  I've invited a bunch of baseball families (new friends!  Yay!) over for a barbecue, and guess what--I'm not even nervous about it!  Who am I?  We're just going to grill a bunch of hot dogs and hamburgers and put a bunch of drinks out, and I'm having people bring munchies to share.  The kids will all run around and the parents will sit by the fire pit, eating and drinking and chatting.  I'll put on some music and play a slideshow of the baseball pictures.  Easy-peasy.  I think the main reason I'm relaxed about it is that my house isn't hoarder-like at the moment.  It should take me less than a day to get it so I don't mind that people are seeing it.  But we'll see how I'm feeling Friday morning...

So now I'm looking forward to a fun few weeks.  I think tomorrow we might hit the Science Museum with my mom.  We will be heading to the zoo with my sweet Chihuahua friend and her boys this week, I need to take the kids to the water park for a day, and we'll have some buddies over.  Summer is finally here.  I'll also be able to keep in touch with all my lovely readers more, since I'll have more time and energy to post in the coming weeks.  I love you all for sticking with me, and I'll be back soon!  XOXO


  1. I played trumpet, so of course I think it's cool your boy is learning.

    Good luck getting school issues all worked out. I am also going to school now. I started with 3 summer classes and having finished 8 years ago it was a little tough getting back in the saddle. I wish you the best of luck!

    I found you at the TGIF Blog Hop and followed you. Have a great weekend!

  2. Good luck, sounds like you had a busy week!