Sunday, August 5, 2012

So Far This Summer...

We are on a roll!  We have gone to Gramma's pool a couple times.  We have gone to the Science Museum.  We have had a big barbecue with some families from baseball.  This week we are going to the Zoo and hopefully a water park.  Packing it all in, baby.

This has been a HOT summer.  Sticky, sunny, horrible hot.  Heat and I are not friends.  So yesterday and today, we have been blessed with these beautiful, less than 80 degree days, that are a gift.  I actually enjoyed sitting on the edge of the pool yesterday while the boys swam.  It feels amazing outside, and the best news of all is that I have no plans for today!  Yay!

So the barbecue was really fun.  When I have things like that over here, it reminds me that I love living out here.  I go through lots of times where I wonder if it was the right thing to do, moving out here in the middle of farmland, where our kids will never be able to ride their bikes to their friend's houses.  But Friday night cemented my love for this place again.  Big family gatherings out here are really nice.  The parents can honestly relax.  The kids run around like wild things, and nobody has to worry about the noise level.  There's no streets with traffic.  It's very safe and spacious.  So not only can everybody enjoy themselves, but when it's time to go home the kids are all super exhausted.  Win-win for everyone.  And I think everyone enjoyed the place, and I was pretty relaxed about it all.  Oh, and the golf cart was a big hit too.

Except for the horrific five minutes during a "tour" of my house that a couple of the ladies wanted, when I actually showed them my bedroom.  Ooooooooh.  It's really the nastiest room in the house.  We haven't done anything to make it homey since we moved in.  So boring white walls with random pictures tacked up on the walls.  SUPER cluttered night tables.  Too many clothes.  And horror of horrors, I didn't think anybody would come in that room, so I had been sorting clothes for donation, and they had been piled on the bed.  But hubby had shoved them all over onto the floor of my side of the bed, so there was this SEA of clothes almost as high as my bed on my side, that I didn't know about until I went to bed after the party!  AUGH!  It probably looked like a hoarder's pile of dirty clothes.  How freakishly embarrassing.  But I did make the ladies promise to still be my friends after I allowed them to see the room, so hopefully there was no judgment (or at lease it was silent).

Anyway, oh well.  Right?  At least I had enough beer.

Oh my God.  There is this amazing breeze coming in right behind me from my open office window, and it feels incredible.  I CANNOT wait until fall!  Tomorrow is the first day of our county fair, which means we are three weeks away from the State Fair!  That is the true sign of the beginning of fall.  I need to hurry up and decide if I'm going to have some kind of fall party out here.

I am sorry, but it is way to nice to sit here anymore.  I'm outta here.  Have a beautiful day, people!


  1. I absolutely love Fall! I cannot wait. I love sweater and boots weather and all the lovely cinnamon and pumpkin treats that people make and of course the beautiful leaves. :)

    That cracked me up reading about the ladies who saw your bedroom - I always lock the door to our bedroom when people come over! And then I blame it on the 3 yr old! ;)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I missed the tour, but I would bet no one was judging you,because we all have a room, closet or drawer that we hope no one will ever see. I thought your home felt like a lovely vacation home. Also Zach and Josh now want a golf cart!

  3. Looks like we have lots in common. Many times I have questioned our move to the farm, for the same reasons. And then we have our Labor Day party, when kids and adults proclaim that it is their favorite day of the year. And, two weeks ago we had a gathering with the requesite tour. I was appalled to find that the kids had left a note for me in the dust on my dresser. Glad you are having a great summer.

  4. As usual, so good to know I am not the only one! Mia, I do need to get a lock on my door... I'll put it on the honey-do list. Kathy--be very glad you missed the tour. It was scary. And we can't wait to have you all over again!

  5. Shoot! I missed the bedroom tour too!!!! I agree with Kathy...we all have that "room" that never gets shown...mine is the office where everything gets thrown to make the rest of the house look "picked up" and the door stays closed!!! We can all relate which makes you so real Terri!!! :-) Had a wonderful night! Bummed I missed the scary stories on the porch during the T-Storm! We had to get home because we were dogsitting for the neighbor! Next time I am definately staying for scary stories!!!! :-)

  6. I was one of the ladies who got the tour & let me tell you - your bedroom is exactly like mine, except I don't just have ONE pile of clothes on the floor... LOL =) ... so no judging here... My boys LOVED the golf cart too so PLEASE have a fall-bash & invite us! (DH)