Monday, August 22, 2011

The New Kid in Town. Again.

I'm new to this blog world.  This is my very first post.  I am not a writer.  I've always wanted to have a blog, but I have been too insecure to start.  I am fighting doubts like "Why would anyone want to read my blog?"  "Aren't there thousands of blogs by moms like me already?"  "How can I believe I write well enough to be interesting?"  "Do I really want to put myself out there like that?"  "Do I really have something to say?"

Yep, I guess I do.  I'm writing this for me.  Hopefully I'll learn some things along the way, and hopefully this will be a good outlet for me to express myself, vent, gain clarity, and maintain sanity in this crazy world we all share.  And if anyone decides to follow me and share the path with me, all the better.

I'm a wife.  I got married 15 years ago, and I truly enjoy being a wife.  Sometimes the hubby and I joke that it's lucky we found each other, because nobody else would put up with us.  We work really well together, and I am blessed to be fortunate enough to stay home with the kids.

I'm a mom.  I have two boys.  They are 13 months apart, and thick as thieves.  I will call them A and J, and currently they are 9 and 8, respectively.  They get along almost all the time, but they are definitely their own little people.  I marvel at how two human beings, both boys, can come from the same parents, be raised in the same house, have pretty much the same experiences, and be COMPLETELY different from one another.

So that's the simple introduction.  The reason I chose the title The New Kid in Town today is that I feel like there's so many wonderful blogs out there.  I subscribe to several, from mom ones to decorating ones to just being-a-girl ones.  I love them.  It's so generous of these women to share themselves with me, and I am so grateful for the humor, the advice, and the ideas I get from them.  But as I start this process, I have the familiar butterflies in my stomach from when I was young and I was new.  Often.  My family moved quite a bit as I grew up.  It shaped who I am.  But I wouldn't choose to put my kids through it.  I moved the summer before I started my senior year in high school.  To a new state, a new school, a new and unfamiliar culture even.  And I was not the most confident kid.  I survived.  I made some lifelong friends at my new schools.  I learned so much about myself.  And that is my goal here!

I will be writing about what I love:  Kids.  Husband.  Home.  Hobbies.  TV.  Movies.  Food.  Holidays.

What I don't love:  Competitive moms.  Mean people.  Insecurity.

And what I am still figuring out:  Extended Family.  Cooking.  Keeping my house clean.  Parenting.

So hopefully some folks will decide to fly with me as I let you all into my crazy life!

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  1. I can't wait to follow your stories! I'm really curious to see what you figure out about your extended family. Like - how do you deal with a disorganized sister in law who relies heavily on your sence of organization?