Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Two Weeks Left! Yikes!

Fourteen days from right this moment, The opening bell will be ringing for the first day of the 2011-2012 school year for my boys.  Usually by this time of year I am SO ready to send them back.  The squabbling, the crazy (lack of) schedule, the almost constant togetherness has normally brought me to the point of camping out the night before school starts, in front of the school, as if I was trying to get tickets for a rock concert.

We haven't had as active a summer as we have in years past, so I'm not quite as exhausted as I usually am by now.  I do feel a small amount of panic, however, that I need to pack in a few promised summer activities in during the next week and a half (zoo, Science Museum, amusement park). But it should work out.  And football starts on the 29th, which should force us into some kind of routine again.

But school is starting soon!  So now it's time to share the first hint of my inner nerd-self:  This time of year makes me long to be a kid again.  I was a kid who counted the days down to the first day of school.  Supplies all ready and lined up.  Clothes picked out, and laid out sooner than I care to admit.  I LOVED school.  I still love the whole idea of the first day.  I'm one of the people who love the fact that school supplies start to line the shelves at Target right after the fourth of July.  Bring it on!  I buy the boys' supplies right away (and some for myself), and then hide them in a closet at home like a weirdo until it's closer to the beginning of school and I admit I have them.  And, people, here's evidence of my problem:

Yes, I lay it out so I can admire the collection before it's all opened up and sent to the school.  SO???

People, you should see me when the Christmas stuff starts coming out.  

Oh, I'm starting to feel dizzy with giddiness.  My poor, poor children.  

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  1. Ha ha! I know the feeling! Might explain why I'm such an office supply geek today!