Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Making Order out of Chaos

I really like to iron.  There are certain household tasks that I love to do.  That I actually may choose as a leisure activity sometimes.  Ironing is one of them.  Hubby says it's because I like to make order out of chaos, and when you iron you can actually watch the wrinkles smooth out of the shirt.  Ahhhh.  That is so true.

My closet is done, people!  The lovely hubby finished the ceiling and I moved stuff back in last night.
Look at that lovely cedar ceiling!  It smells so good.
Oh, the beautiful order of it all.  Now I'm actually looking forward to getting the rest of the house cleaned up.  

It's the satisfaction of seeing a project from the time it starts until the time it is finished.  I'm only patient enough for projects that take less than a day, which is why cleaning and scrapbooking are good hobbies for me.  

The giddiness I feel over things like a clean closet is one thing.  Here's another wacky me-fact:  today is really busy for me, and I'm afraid I might forget to do a couple things.  So last night as I was falling asleep I was thinking I better make a list of things I have to do today when I get up.  Then I got a little bit excited--I love making lists!  I actually started thinking about which pen I should use.


Sometimes I think I need professional help.  But just wait until after Halloween--you'll all get to see the real nut job in me come out as I start getting ready for Christmas.  Or as I like to call it (to myself in my head), The Big Show.

Gotta go, people.  I have a list to make.

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