Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Little Help from My Friends

I wrote a long post the day before yesterday.  Then when I was about to put it up, I accidentally deleted the whole thing!  Augh!  It was very frustrating, especially because I actually had a lot to say that day.  And once it was gone, I couldn't get it back.  Bummer.

Today is Superbowl Sunday.  I don't know why, but I love the Superbowl.  I'm a football fan, but mostly for my home team.  I couldn't tell you more than a couple names of players on most of the other NFL teams, but still.  I love the atmosphere of football, and today is really the big show.  I love the cheesy pregame and half-time shows, I love the commercials, and I do love the game.  I also love having an excuse to eat football food.  We're not doing anything special for it today, but it's going to be fun for just the four of us to park in our (new) basement room in front of the (new) TV.  Very exciting.

So my post the other day was about making time for myself and for friends.  I had run into a friend of mine that I see occasionally at a function at the kids' school.  She looks amazing.  She has recently lost a bunch of weight and has started taking really good care of herself.  She was telling me that since she has made time to put herself more as a priority, she is feeling happier and more confident.  And she looked it.  It made me think, first of all, that I don't see my friends enough.  I mean, this person isn't someone I have socialized with outside of our kids' school things and the occasional birthday party, but we enjoy chatting, and there's no reason we shouldn't meet for coffee or lunch once in a while.  And for her to go through such a change in between times that I've seen her, well, either she's a miracle worker or time flies.  Or maybe a little bit of both.  I also haven't seen my other friends in way too long.  I allow my life to carry me away and before I know it, I'm living like a shut-in.

I'm still stewing about all this, so it must be important.  I am a mom, but that's really not all I am, and I forget that.  All the time.  I'm a wife.  And Valentine's Day is coming up.  I have a date night to plan with my cute hubby.  I'm a 40-year old woman.  And my oldest kid has kindly reminded me that "women over 40 need to exercise every day."  So I guess I need to start taking that more seriously.  I'm a sister and sister-in-law.  I want to get lunch with my brother more often, and chat with my sister more.  We've both been so busy.  And I'm lucky enough that all my SIL's are very dear friends of mine, who I haven't been spending NEARLY enough time with lately.  I think a couple cocktail outings are long overdue.  I'm a friend.  And I have got to get out more with my other mom-buddies.  They are my therapy.  I am a dog-owner.  I need to take my Freddy out for some long walks, which would be great for both of us.  Although he's very strong and it would be more like him taking me out for some very brisk "pulls".  Ha!  I am a crafter.  And I have a LOT of projects in my house that need some attention!

Funny how bumping into someone can do this stuff to you.  I have to wonder if I ever have some strange effect on people I run into.  Like I see someone at Target and say hello, and they walk away thinking, "man, that girl is amazing.  I really need to start wearing yoga pants more, and maybe stop combing my hair."  Wouldn't it be nice to be that inspiring?

Anyway, there's some football to prepare for.  And I need to find someone who wants to meet for a drink this week.  


  1. I miss you girlfriend! We need an outing this week.....:) I am no different. I let the Mom in me take over and become a "hermit-crab" especially in the winter.....let's get together MORE! OK? (((((HUGS))))) Love ya!

  2. PS....I am terrible at getting on FB lately. We must catch up soon! :)