Thursday, January 19, 2012

Awkward Family Photos

Yesterday I was reminded again why I write this blog.  Thank you so much to everyone who messaged me, e-mailed me, commented on my post, or texted me about my sweet boy.  It's such a comfort to me to have the support of all my friends!  I am not alone in this!

Yesterday I was dorking around on my iPad, and I found myself looking at that website Awkward Family Photos.  If you need a good chuckle, check it out here.  It's so awesome.  It got me thinking about how I'm sure we all have a stash of them around, so I figured I'd go through some of my photos on my computer and see if I have any.  I found a couple.  I have many more that are just prints, and if I ever get my scanner figured out, I'll post them for your viewing delight.

Here's a few:
This is A.  There was a period of time when hubby thought it was funny to hold him like that.  Doesn't it look comfortable and loving?

Here's J.  He grew out of this phase.  He's pretty cute now!  Thank God. We used to think he looked like Uncle Junior from the Sopranos.

Here's A in the sink getting a bath.  I was probably pregnant and exhausted, thus the Hoarder's look to the kitchen.  Let's hope I didn't bathe him with the WINSHIELD DE-ICER bottle that's on the counter next to him . . .

This is my lovely SIL3 with my adorable Nephew5.  Perhaps we should have given her time to pull up his pants?

This is one day when we forgot to put A's dentures in.

I think this one is so creepy!!!  It looks like A's head is giant and his whole body fits into a tiny box!!!

This is before we discovered that you're supposed to bathe your children.

Anyway, there's a few.  I have to get ready to go get my eyes checked now.  Hope you all had a chuckle at our expense!

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