Sunday, December 4, 2011

What A Special Day

FINALLY!!!!!  We have SNOW on the ground!!!!  Yesterday was beautiful.  Beautiful.   I love almost nothing more than the quiet snow falling at night, making a white blanket on the ground and trees, and especially with the Christmas lights glowing underneath.  It makes me want to pause time and just stare for a while.  Smelling that clean snow smell, listening to the hush of the flakes falling.  I LOVE it.

The First Meeting

What a lovely day yesterday.  We started the day, as you know, by going out to hopefully meet Freddie.  And we met him!!!!  I was a crazy woman.  It was this pet adoption event at a Petco.  We got there early, and he wasn't there yet.  So I hovered like a vulture around the front door watching for him.  I saw him get out of the car with his caretaker, and zeroed in.  As soon as they came in the door, I said, "is that Freddie?" And the guy said yes, sort of surprised, and I told him I'd been obsessing over him for days.  (I must have seemed off my rocker.)  So he HANDED ME THE LEASH for him.  He had another dog with him as well, so I suppose he was just letting me help him.  I didn't let the leash go the rest of the time we were there unless it was to the hubby.  Freddie was exactly like I'd imagined him, and I wanted him!  It was a chaotic event, there were about 15 dogs there and lots of people, and I think it made all the dogs very distracted.

Sitting for Kibble

The lady from the adoption agency let us (hubby, A, J, and me) take Freddie outside for a little walk to get away from the craziness, and she came along.  So it was nice to get out with him and really get a feel for him.  Hubby kept petting him to see if his allergies were going to kick in, but they seemed under control.  The kids loved him instantly.  She gave them some dog food from her pocket and he would sit for them and they'd give him a "treat."  I thought it was pretty cool that he thought even dog food was a reward, not just dog treats.  She said he's very food driven and it was handy that he'd "work for kibble."

Anyway, we are super interested.  But we couldn't come home with him, because that's not how it works, which is actually sort of a relief.  She (that main lady who is super nice) is coming over to our house with Freddie on Friday for a home visit.  If hubby's allergies are still under control, and all seems well with Freddie, he gets to stay!  So that gives us time to get a kennel for him, dog food and supplies, and all his gear so we're ready for him.

We're all so excited!!!!

So then after that we were able to go out and get our Christmas tree.  We went to a lot where we could pick and cut our own, and it was lovely.  It hadn't begun to snow yet, and it was still nice outside, no wind and not too cold.  We picked out a nice, full, narrow-ish tree, and wrapped it up and drove it home in the truck. Then after we got it home we left it in the truck because we had to drive an hour (or so we thought) to a birthday dinner party at my Uncle's house.

When we left it was snowing very hard, and although it was beautiful, I am not a huge fan of driving in heavy snow.  Hubby drove, of course, but I still get so nervous!  As we were driving and slipping around on the roads, one of our wiper blades FLEW off and over the car!  These things only happen to us, I swear.  So then we had to stop at a car place and get replacement blades, and that added on to our already long commute.  When we finally got to Uncle's house, we passed it unintentionally, and slid all the way down the hill his house is on, since his street had been turned into an ice rink.  Slid all the way down where we slowly crashed into the shrubbery at the bottom.  Luckily, no damage to the car, but it was an adventure getting back up to the hill to Uncle's house.  I pushed the car, since I was the obvious choice due to my superhuman strength and bulging muscles, and we eventually got it slid right in to the driveway.  I felt very powerful.  Ha!

We got home after the lovely dinner party with no more incidents and two deeply sleeping boys in the back.  What a day.  Now we have a Christmas tree sitting in the bed of hubby's truck under a four inch blanket of snow.  We'll have to shake it off and bring it in, because the kids and I are super excited to get it all decorated!  Woo hoo!

So today will be another lovely Christmas season weekend, with an added cheer because of the excitement over our impending new family member.  Now I know the cure for a funk (since I've been in one lately):  A new dog and snow!

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