Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dog Fever Part 2

Okay, folks, today is a big day.  Potentially.  We are going to a dog adoption event later this morning, and Freddie (the one in the picture from yesterday) is going to be there.  We are bringing the kids.  My hope is that we will meet him, and have a chance for the kids to meet him and for hubby to handle him and see if he's affected by allergies.  I am hoping there won't be other people there immediately who are also interested in Freddie, and if there are, I am going to try not to do something horrible like just take Freddie and run, or whisper to them that Freddie is a biter, or just push them down.

I'm so nervous!  It's just silly.  I get so weird about stuff like this.  I'm obsessing over it, no matter how hard I try not to.  It's a dog.  There are hundreds of dogs that need homes.  If we want a dog in our home, it does not have to be this one.  Unfortunately, the picture of him really affected me, and the description of him sounds so perfect.  But my brain is not letting me relax.  Here's a transcript of my brain for the last 10 seconds or so:

What if Freddie's not there?
What if someone already adopted him?
What if he hates the kids?
Ohmygosh I want him so bad!
What if we're not ready for a dog?
Is hubby going to like him?
Is our house going to get destroyed by a dog?
Will we play with a dog enough?
He's so cute!
Maybe he's too small.
Are other people going to be trying to get him at the same time?
How will we ever be free to travel?
Will he ride in the car ok?
I love him so much!
What if the kids don't like him?
What if there's a dog there we like more than Freddie?
It's going to cost so much money.
We don't have any supplies for a dog yet!
I hope Freddie's there.
What if we get him and he runs away?
What if we're terrible dog owners and he eats a bowl of Hershey kisses and gets horribly sick?
I hate clipping dog toenails.
He's so cute!

Holy cow I'm going to make myself crazy.  Yesterday I kept telling myself, "tons of people have dogs.  This shouldn't be such a big deal.  WE USED TO HAVE A DOG!"  What's wrong with me?  Has old age and parenting made me nuts?

We were also planning on getting our Christmas tree today.  So depending on how this other errand goes, we may or may not get to that.  Wow!  Maybe I should send hubby and the kids alone to that adoption event.  If I see him, and put my hands on him, I won't be able to walk away without him.  And that's not objective.  We need to make this decision the right way.  I'm so pathetic!

I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Nobody ever goes to just "look" at a dog...