Friday, December 2, 2011

Just Babbling

A had so much homework last night!  It's crazy.  He's in this program at his school where he stays after school for an hour and a half every Tuesday and Thursday, and it helps him catch up with some things at school.  Usually he gets most, if not all, of his homework for that day done at this program.  Not yesterday. He had an additional math homework, some vocabulary homework, and a map of the southeastern United States to do.  It was brutal!  He was doing homework past his bed time, with the help of trusty old dad, who is an unbelievably patient and thorough homework helper.  He's in fourth grade!  I remember having homework in 4th grade, but this seems excessive to me.  I hope it's just that he needs to catch up on things sometimes, and this isn't the standard.  Or how much worse is it going to get as he gets older?  Yikes!

Whew.  So I'm having a lovely home day today.  I did some shopping with my mom yesterday.  Got a few stocking stuffers (look out, SIL1!) and a few gifts, but mostly did birthday gift shopping for a big family birthday dinner this weekend.  Four people at a time!  We combine my extended family with my Uncle's family, and get together several times a year for groups of birthdays.  It's really fun.  Today I'm going to go through all my shopping stuff, do some wrapping, figure out what shopping I have left.  I need to do laundry, and hopefully do some work in the kids' rooms.  This is starting to seem less lovely.  Well, we'll see what I get to today.  I also promised the kids I'd make muddy buddies while they're at school.  Oooh!  I think I'll turn on Love Actually while I'm wrapping!  Yahoo!

It's a big weekend, folks!  I'm so excited!  I think we're getting our Christmas tree tomorrow!  And this year I'm putting it right in front of our living room window, where it belongs!  We haven't been able to put it there in the past because of the placement of our TV, but now with it mounted above the fireplace, there's room for the tree!  Yay!  Then we have our birthday dinner and the kids have a three day weekend.  Awesome.  I actually have plans every single weekend through December.  Which is actually sort of amazing if you knew my regular social schedule.

Freddie.  Be still my heart.
I also wanted to let my little pocket of readers know that although I've been quiet about it lately, I'm still wanting to add a dog to our crazy brood.  I've been slowing down on the hunt, though, making sure I'm doing it right, hoping the right one will jump out at me.  And I'm in love.  Right now he's just a picture that hubby showed me of a cutie that's up for adoption, but I love him.  His name is Freddie.  We left a voice mail for them and I e-mailed yesterday, so we'll see if he's still available, but he's pretty darling, so I wouldn't be surprised if some lucky family already swooped in on him.  But I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  I have no idea what breed he is.  Neither does the adoption place.  He looks perfect to me.  I'll keep you all informed....

Oh, and a couple things I need advice on:

Do I want an iPad?  Do I need an iPad?  Is it cool enough to play the "Please hubby get me one for Christmas" card?

What are some of the coolest gifts you've ever received for Christmas?  I need some original ideas.

What are some good holiday cocktail recipes?  Like a peppermint martini?


  1. 1. Yes, you want an iPad. I can't have one, so you need to let me live through you, homes.

    2. The coolest gifts I ever got for Christmas was the stereo I got when I was in 5th grade and the beautiful, beautiful coat my mom bought me for my 21st birthday/ 21st Christmas. Less than a week later, someone stole it.

    3. Holiday cocktails:

    4. Some Christmas soul!
    "Now Behold the Lamb" --

    "Amen" --

    "Hallelujah Chorus" --