Friday, December 30, 2011


Every year at this time, I do a little bit of reflecting on the year that's ending, and a little planning for the year we're entering.  I think we all do this.  I try not to make actual resolutions, because I am a master at failing them.  Then I feel even lower about myself, and that's never good.

So instead, I like to think of the beginning of a new year as a fresh start, a clean slate.  You can say goodbye to the previous year, feel grateful for your blessings, and let go of any pain and sadness.  Or at least begin to.  And look to the new year as a bright, shiny new box of crayons.

I finished the kids' rooms!!!!  Wow, they were something.  I posted pictures of the insanity, but I'm going to post them again, so we all can see the transformation.  And so I can redeem myself.  So here's J's room--I did it yesterday.  It took me all day.  And so you see why, here's the before:  

YIKES!  Clearly we have to get better about this.

He's not the worst offender, though.  A has all kinds of projects he's constantly working on, and he spends more time in his room.  So here's the before picture of A's room:

There was not even a path to get in. This is the worst it has ever been, and it was made all the worse by him just piling his Christmas loot on top of everything.  So this one was the first project, and here's the "after" shot:

Now let's see how long they can keep them up.

These rooms were a pain in my heinie, but they were also inspiring.  It's like watching an episode of Hoarders, only it actually was my own house.  Sheesh.  And I watch those shows while I sip my wine and feel like those people are crazy?  Really?

So back to the "resolution" situation.  I'm looking at this year as an opportunity.  There is a long laundry list of things I'd like to improve about my life.  I don't want to be too much of a downer, since I have a ridiculously good life, but it's not healthy to be content.  For me, being content just makes me fat.  So I need to not be content.  I have to strive for better.

This year I would love to take better care of my physical self.  I am 40, after all.  And my 10-year old informed me last week that "women who are over 40 need to exercise every single day."  And just the other day, after I lifted my pajama pants leg up to scratch my over-dry, Minnesota winter skin on my shins, he cried out, "Holy cow, mom!  You have GINORMOUS muscles on your leg!  You should be able to run WAY faster than you do!"  Sadly, he meant this as a compliment, not the double insult it was, especially since my legs are not muscular.  At the moment.  Sigh.  So that's one area with some room for improvement.

Then there's my house.  I'd love to keep it cleaner.  Not spotless, just so that I don't feel stressed out when I come in the door.  So if someone stops by, I can let them in without shame.  And I really need to get my kids into better habits.  They need to do more chores and help out taking care of things around here.  They're getting more than old enough.

I'd like to cook more.  Get more organized with meal planning, grocery shopping, keeping a stocked kitchen and making balanced meals for the family.  This is something that's very important, actually.  We are not very good at this right now.  LOTS of room to improve.

And finally, I'd like to come up with a way during this year to make money.  The kids are older, getting more independent, I feel like I can have more time to contribute to our household.  Maybe not getting an actual job, but finding something I can do out of the house would be great.

And there it is.  Not resolutions, but inspirations.  Today my resolution is to go to a movie with my mom, and stop by the liquor store to pick up a bottle of champagne for me and my man to share Saturday night.


  1. I am laughing SO HARD at the image of you drinking wine and watching Hoarders and thinking, "just look at those weirdo..." So good!

    Also, I almost fell over at the "ginormous muscle" comment. If the size of the body part indicated its strength, I'd have the world's strongest ass.

  2. You crack me up lady. I myself have enormous leg muscles, too. This year I resolve to actually use my vacation time. I think I'll start with that.
    Happy New Year.