Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Happy Places

Mom had couch duty last night.  I'm uncomfortable letting her sleep on the couch while I sleep in her bed, but she insisted.  I guess since it's her husband we're all here for, I should listen to her.  They're still sleeping out there, and they're not late sleepers.  I hope it wasn't a rough night while I slept peacefully in the bedroom.

I was able to get to the kids' football game yesterday, which was great, and tonight MOH will be here so I can go home and hubby can finally go to work today.  I'll be able to take the kids to football, watch a couple of shows on my DVR, and kiss my kids goodnight.  Then I'll be back here at mom and dad's before the sun comes up tomorrow.  I'm so blessed that I'm able to spend so much time with my parents while they're going through all this.  But normal life will feel really good again, eventually.

I'm spending entirely too much time in my own head these days.  And that's sort of a crazy place to be.  It's amazing to me that the instant I'm in the same space as my hubby and my kiddos the crazy goes away.  Well, it's replaced by a different kind of crazy, but you get my drift.  I think I need a trip to Target.  That always makes me feel like me.  It's my happy place.  Some of you know what I mean.  Walking in those doors, smelling that smell, seeing those cheerful red carts, and checking out what's on the endcaps.  I know there is a Supertarget in Heaven.  I like to check out the weekly ad on Sundays while I'm drinking my coffee the same way men like to read the sports page.  And now that the kids are in school I can go there alone.  Seriously, it's like an antidepressant. 

When I'm home one of the things I need to do to have some normal is to watch a couple episodes of the Young and the Restless so I'm caught up.  I despise that show.  I've been watching it since 1986.  It has stolen countless hours of my life.  But like a bad drug, I can't quit it.  I get so mad at how horrible it is sometimes that I swear I'm done.  That never lasts more than a week.  I don't know what's wrong with me, but those wackos in Genoa City are in my blood now.  I'm not proud of it, people.  I just swore I'd be honest with you guys.  They're like super crazy in-laws that you can never shake.  Genoa City is a place where there is one floor of a hospital with one room and a lobby, one coffee shop, an athletic club, one nightclub, a dive bar, a bookshop, a bridge, and a strange little basketball court.  There are about five homes.  Everybody in the town is filthy rich, and although it's supposedly a major city--you see the skyline outside Victor Newman's office window--there are only two main families that all marry each other.  It's really pretty sick.  Sick and delicious at the same time.  Augh!  What's wrong with me?

Okay so this might be why I watch the dumb show...

I saw a post yesterday on Facebook that someone saw Christmas stuff beginning to make it's way on to the shelves at Target.  That is another happy place for me.  People, I will agree with you to your face that that is horrible.  It is FAR too early to be putting out Christmas decorations.  For pete's sake (who's pete?), the leaves on the trees aren't even peaking their fall colors yet.  Not only is it not even Halloween yet, it's not even October.  I will say yes, that's crazy.  And then as soon as the coast is clear, I will make a beeline for that Target and practically run to the back of the store to have first dibs at whatever red and green items they have put out so tastelessly.  Clearly I have my issues.  I love Halloween and Thanksgiving, and y'all know how much I dig the fall, it's just that Christmas trumps all.  That's just the way it is in my brain. 

So the other happy place that I need to visit soon is my fire pit.  I think before this fall passes too quickly I need to sit outside by the pit and have a couple beers with my hubby and whoever else can pop over.  That one might be too much to ask this year, but we'll see if we can make it happen.

I need some coffee.  Oh!  And Caribou!  That's another happy place, but pretty much only in the fall and winter for me . . .   

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