Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Tough to be a Minnesota Sports Fan

My kids have a big responsibility tonight.  They need to redeem Minnesota sports.  It's their first football game of the season.  After two weeks of practice, these young athletes are primed and pumped to take on the competition.  They have been learning their formations, practicing drills, and working out in preparation.  We have high hopes for a thrilling victory.

Well, they are in the third and fourth grade division, so it may not be a nail biter, but throw me a bone, people.  I have lost my faith in Minnesota sports.  Those of you that live in our fair state may be questioning why I had faith in the first place, but I am an optimist.  It was a sad weekend for Minnesota football.

We went to the Gopher game on Saturday.  This was a game that should have been an easy win, which should have been our first warning, now that I think about it.  It was HOT at the stadium.  I spent the whole game watching from the concourse with the boys because our seats were in the direct, blazing sunlight.  Hubby is a glutton for punishment.  Not only because he sat out there in the sun for the.  entire.  game.,  but because he is a die-hard Gopher fan.  It's almost sad sometimes how much hope he puts in them each year.

The game ended, not only with a loss, but with the terrifying collapse of our new head coach, who seems like a genuinely great guy.  Turns out he's going to be fine, but it was very scary and sad to see.  So we left that game to a quiet and depressed campus, to just head on home.  

Sunday we headed over to hubby's cousin's house to watch the Vikings game.  Again, high hopes.  And a big let down.  So then I started thinking, I'm done.  This is getting to be too much disappointment.  I'm close to giving up on Minnesota sports.  I mean, where do I go from here?  The Twins?  Not so much.  The Wild?  Um, no.  Timberwolves?  Do they still play in Minnesota?  

But I love football.  So now I'm pinning my hopes on the Raiders.  The third and fourth grade Raiders, that is.  Do you think they allow tailgating?

I wonder if I could get the Gopher Marching Band to play at halftime?

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