Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Still Crazy After All These Years

Fifteen years ago today I stood in front of all my friends and family, outside on a drizzly day, and got married.  It was a very casual wedding, out on the dock at my parents' lake house, with a justice of the peace.  We had a picnic reception with hamburgers and brats, and a keg of beer and a bunch of champagne.  It fit us well, and suits our personalities still.

That day I made the best decision I've ever made.  To marry the best man I've ever known.  Back then he made me laugh, he was smart, he was confident, he had the sexiest smile I'd ever seen, and he rode a motorcycle.  And he was five years older than me.  I fell so hard for him.

Today he continues to be all those things, but he has added a few more important details:  he has become my very best friend.  And he's the best dad I've ever known.  I can hang out in the kitchen chatting with him for hours.  He still makes me laugh harder than anyone else.  He forgives me for all my baggage, and there is plenty, believe me.  He is a genius around the house.  I swear, there is nothing he can't fix.  He is an electrician, a plumber, a carpenter.  He makes the bed.  He is a perfect role model for my two boys, and because of him I know they will grow to be fine men.  And when they leave the nest, I know I can look forward to having him all to myself again, and him having me back.

I have a man who has never raised his voice at me.  Who has never made me feel like he thinks I'm flawed in any way.  Who makes me feel that there is nothing I could ever do that he couldn't forgive.  Who makes me know that no matter what I think of myself, he thinks I'm beautiful.  Who wants so bad to tickle me, but doesn't because he knows how much I hate it.  Who understands my quirks, and likes them.  Who supports anything I want to do, and believes in me.  Who has the same faith in God that I do.  He honestly is perfect for me, and I cannot comprehend how I got this lucky.

But 15 years later, he is still the one I know is the right one for me.  And I only hope I deserve him.

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