Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pumpkins, Apples, and Hoodies

Helloooooooo Fall!  Last night it was crispy outside.  It smelled like fall was almost here.  You could inhale deeply and feel like it was the best breath you've had in months.  I opened every window in the house (except for the one in the downstairs bathroom--it looks directly out onto the back step and there's something creepy about that...) and slept like the dead.  And this morning it was 52 delicious degrees in my house.  I could see my breath because of the fall haze that's starting to form, and my coffee was super steamy this morning.  I put on a robe, people!  This is so my happy place.

I know you're out there, folks.  My kindred spirits who today feel like burning pumpkin-scented candles and making a hot dish.  Who will pull on their favorite hoodie and actually look like one of those people in a fabric softener commercial when you do, since it feels sooooo good.  You will be outside today.  Even if it's just to stand there and suck it into your lungs because you know we'll probably get a few more toasty days before the frost.

Today I'm going to go find myself some Honeycrisp Apples.  I have a Honeycrisp tree in my backyard, but they're not quite ready.  I already have a candle burning.  I'm going to dig out some of my fall decorations to put out.  I'm going to wear my leaf bracelet.  I'm going to hold my cup of coffee with both hands.  I'm going to watch football.  Oh, I am in a good mood.

Fall is very important to me.  Almost every big event in my life has happened in the fall.  I started dating my husband in the fall--does anyone remember the homecoming bonfire of 1993?  Yeah, my first motorcycle ride with hubby.  He smelled so good.....  I got married in the fall.  I had both my kids in the fall.  I used to have a HUGE party every fall, or at least when I could.  I have done it about six times, and would love to do it again.  With the kids birthday parties, and now with my dad being sick, it's a little tricky these past years, but I will do it again.  Hopefully next year.  They are a celebration of how much I love this time of year.

I have GOT to get back to doing these.  Even making the invitations is fun!  I think the last one I did was four years ago.  Hard to believe.  

School starts the day after tomorrow.  I hope we get a nice, long, colorful fall this year.  I'm going to try to remind myself to make the most of it this year.  My man-of-honor already beat me in our annual race to be the first one to have a pumpkin-y treat (even though his choice was a copout this year--a pumpkin granola bar?  Really?) but that doesn't mean I'm off my game.  

I'm going to go make my second cup of coffee now, my dear folks.  I'm going to drink it out on my porch.  In my jammies.  And a blanket.  Then I'm going to go get cleaned up and dressed.  I am going to wear long pants today.  And if I had perfume that smelled like cinnamon, pumpkins, and apples, I would wear it today.  

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