Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back to Normal Life

Yesterday was the last day of A and J playing football for the year.  It was a cool, rainy evening, but nice anyway.  Mom came out to see the game, and I think she felt good about being able to come out to that kind of thing without worrying about anything.  It must be so strange but nice for her.  She looked good, and I was happy to see her.  The boys' team lost, but it was still a fun season.  And the improvement my kids made since last year is amazing.  I am very proud of them.

Look at these cute little dudes.

My future Gophers.  That's not so impossible to imagine considering how dismal the Gophers are lately...

A little adventure yesterday . . .  A has a fractured wrist.  Apparently it happened on Saturday, he just has a crazy high pain tolerance and we didn't know how badly it was hurt until yesterday.  When we take them down the driveway to wait for the bus they like to play catch with the football while we wait.  Yesterday A dove for a pass and went down on his hand, and was instantly howling.  He's one of those kids that doesn't howl unless it's REALLY bad.  So we just put J on the bus and took A to Urgent Care.  Sure enough, a fracture.  They put it in a splint and today I'm taking him to his regular doctor after school where they'll confirm it, and he'll probably end up in a regular cast.  I think he's excited about the cast.  He already sort of likes his splint, but he wasn't happy that he had to sleep in it.  He's one tough cookie, though.  It was sort of a bummer that he didn't get to play in his last football game, but he really enjoyed just wearing his jersey and cheering on his team.  But I guess my induction into the Hall of Mothers of Boys is complete.  A cast.  I was told this would happen eventually, and if this is going to be it, I'll take it.  It's pretty minor.

Last night their school principal was at the game--it was so cool to see him, there, taking pictures with this fancy camera.  He's a pretty cool guy, and the kiddos adore him.  He seems to be so proud of his school and all the kids, and I've been very impressed with him.  It was fun to see him there, and Andy had fun chatting it up with him for a while.

Well, folks, I guess I should do my reveal, too.  Yep, I finished cleaning the office.  Here's the pics I promised:

Ahhhhh.  Much bettah.  Now there are no rooms in my house that are actually embarrassing.  Not that my job is done, but I feel much more human.  Oh and by the way--that's Hoarders on my little tv!  Ha ha ha!

So today I'm going grocery shopping and looking for costume ideas, as well as figuring out some more ideas for A's birthday party.  Oh--I got the invitations done yesterday, and they're going in the mail today!  Wow...  yesterday was pretty productive.  SIL2 came up with the best idea for their costumes--they're going as Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.  AWESOME idea.  I'll never come up with anything as fun as that.  Maybe I'll come up with something acceptable today....  I'll keep you posted, of course.

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