Monday, October 24, 2011

Dog Fever

Oh, man.  I have become a woman obsessed.  That's not that rare for me, I tend to obsess over things, but this one is a biggie.

I spent the entire day yesterday thinking about dogs, and how much I think we should have one.  Sister and her hubby were here all day with their amazingly awesome dogs, and they'll be here all day today too.  My kids are in LOVE with those dogs.  They are so excited to be around them, and they run around and play with them as if they're best buddies.  It's so cool!  It makes me feel like not only do we want a dog, we need one.  It's my duty as a parent.

But it's a big deal.  We have been pet-less, in the house at least, for 8 years.  And it's been pretty easy and nice.  No accidents on the floor.  No chewed up shoes (or favorite stuffed animals, GOD FORBID).  No allergy problems.  Hubby is allergic.  He seems to think that his allergies aren't that bad.  J is allergic to cats, but didn't seem to react over the last day or two to the dogs.  Sister has a golden lab and a black lab/shorthair mix.  So it's not like they're not shedders.  And the kids played with them all day, petting them, and getting their slobber all over from throwing the balls and frisbees.  So I think we might be able to handle it!!!  Right?!?!?  Hubby has mentioned that we could get a dog that would just be an outside, farm dog.  I know that works for some people out here, but it won't for me.  I can't have a dog that isn't allowed inside, as a part of the family.  Our last dog was a chihuahua.  Granted, she was small, but she not only slept in our bed, we carried her around in our shirts, with her head poking out under our chin.  I don't think we're "outside dog" people.  So I need to be ready for the work of an inside dog.  For sacrificing the occasional shoe or toy.  For cleaning up accidents and house training.  For the pet hair.

I've tried to talk myself out of it.  What would we do with the dog when we travel?  It's not like we're world travelers, but we're even thinking of going to California this spring.  What do we do with the dog then?  How do we keep the dog from running away?  Are the kids ready to help care for a big pet, and not just fish and hermit crabs?  But these arguments are losing.

So I went on line to some rescue sites yesterday.  That added to my obsession.  People, just take a look at Mauer:

Oh my goodness.  Look at him.  I am so in love with this guy.  Then there's Lilo:

People!  I know for SURE I cannot go look at a dog in person until we're completely ready to bring one home.  I can't see a dog and not keep it.  So I have my work cut out for me.  I need to have a serious talk with the hubby about this, and maybe if you all could give me a list of pros and cons, I'd appreciate it.  And not just pros--I know you all love your mutts, I get it, but what is the downside?  Probably not much of one, looking at these faces.

Oh--here's a couple pics of Cody and Sunny, the sister's babies:

Sunshine (Sunny) is this sweet blonde thing who looks like she's smiling.  And I think she really is.  All the time.

And Cody is this little gentleman who is the color of dark chocolate and is an excellent ball player.  He worships his mom and dad, and he's a super happy guy.

They are both so great with the kids, and they definitely contributed to the dog fever.

So there you go.  I'm definitely obsessed, and now I'm going to go look at more dog adoption sites.


  1. Hey Teri,

    I just wanted to mention that dog allergies have more to do with the saliva rather than if they have short hair/long hair or are shedders or not. You can google "hypo-allergenic" dogs and see that labs and retrievers are not good choices.
    I'm super allergic to dogs, but I didn't have any issues with Bichons. However, they are a little bit crazy hyper... but they are cute. :D
    Hubbby mentioned to me the other day about getting a dog. I just don't know.
    I think about the rainy wet days when they come in all muddy and messy. Blech. But how can you not get your kids a dog either?? IDK...
    We'll probably have one by next week. lol

    Jen D

    BTW: I tried to post a response to a previous blog of yours while we were in Vegas, but it didn't work. I just mentioned that I just love you the way you are and I'd like a dog name for me too (like little chihuahua gets ;))
    Maybe something like poodle for my hair~

  2. Okay are you ready for my pros and cons? Here we go......Pro's: I am never scared to be alone(he is a loud ferocious sounding barker), guaranteed best friend for your boys, no crumbs on your floor...;), Golden-doodle's don't shed, puppy breathe, unconditional love and all the kisses you want! Con's: Poop scooping, at first.... the house training, shedding(depending on the breed), and as you mentioned the dog sitting when out of town. BUT....the PRO's outweigh the Con's and we could bond our dogs from the beginning and you would have somewhere to leave your pup when you were out of town.....:)

    P.S. Jen aka "Poodle hair" has something to tell you.....;)