Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So Much To Do . . .

Time has flown past me so far this fall, and I'm feeling a need to slow it down.  I have a life waiting for me, and I'm ready to jump back into it.

We postponed A's birthday party because of all the dad stuff, of course.  It was originally going to be on the 8th, this Saturday.  Yikes.  So now I've decided to do it on the 22nd, which means I'm already late for the silly deadlines I give myself for getting out invitations.  I think I'll start making them today or tomorrow.  Then J's party will be on November 12.  I have so much fun stuff to do!  I only just started collecting decorations, so that should be fun.  A wants an army/military party, and J wants a magic/card tricks party.  Both of those have pretty good potential.

Nephew5 is having his birthday party on October 15.  His is always super fun.  It's a costume party every year.  They call it "spooktacular" and it really is.  It's so fun for us grown ups to have a reason to dress up again, and everyone comes up with such fun ideas.  I can't wait for the party.  But I have to figure out what our costumes should be.  Figuring out a costume for the hubby is tricky, since he's not the best sport about wearing costumes.  I'd appreciate any ideas you all have....  SIL3 (it's her boy's party) has a father-in-law that comes up with such funny costumes every year that it's worth it to go to just see what he's going to wear.  My favorite costume is my witch costume, but mostly because I have a really fun witch hat.

But after that, people, it's time for me to get serious.  It's time for me to pull out the  Christmas book.  That is my binder of all things Christmas, my planner for the big show.  I can't wait!  The first thing I do is start making my list of who I need to shop for.  Be still, my heart.  Hubby just bought a brand new fancy-pants camera, so it will be fun to take our picture this year for our card.  And then all I have to do is sit on my hands until November 1st.  That's when I start hauling out Christmas decorations.  SO?!?!?!?!?!?!?  You're just jealous.  I don't wait until after Thanksgiving.  It's hard enough for me to wait until after Halloween!  I figure if I'm not hosting Thanksgiving, what's the big deal?  And this year it's going to be more fun anyway because over the past year we have repainted my living room and dining room, and purchased new furniture.  So it should look even better.  I just LOVE the way my house is when it's all "Christmased".  And my coffee tastes better when I'm drinking it out of one of my Christmas mugs.  Seriously, it does.

So I have all kinds of stuff I need to start doing.  Fun, normal stuff.  I need to keep thinking about that this week.  It will help me get through the next few days.  Dad's service is Thursday.  I think it's going to be lovely, but I know it will be very painful.  And having all the family and friends there will make it even more lovely but painful.  But Friday is coming.  And it will be a new day.

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