Friday, October 14, 2011

The First Day of Fall

I have decided that for me, today is the first day of fall.  I've been to busy to really live it yet this year, so I'm giving myself a reset.  

We had school conferences last night.  I usually get very stressed out before conferences, preparing myself for a long talk with A's teachers.  The first conference of the year is pretty tough.  Every year up until now, at the first conference, his teacher would basically look at us kindly and say something like, "I've never encountered a child like A."  They loved him and thought he was sweet and funny, but I think they all thought he was very difficult to teach.

This year was much better.  I think partly due to his teacher, and also partly due to the fact that he's growing up.  His teacher this year was hand picked by his teacher last year, who has so far done the most to "figure him out" with testing and patience and love last year.  This year his teacher is a man.  He seems like a very laid back guy, and he's very nice.  He showed us the areas where A falls behind, but there were also amazing positive results in his folder.  He didn't seem at all concerned about him, just told us areas he could use some improvement, and told us things he could work on at home.  He said A's a great kid, and he very much enjoys him.  Then we met with his reading teacher and got about the same results from her.

Ahhhhhhhhhh.  I feel so much better.  He's going to be fine.  I've always known that, but now I feel like school might not always be such a struggle.

J's conference was great.  His always are.  He's doing very well, and we're very proud of him.  We have to remember to not take it for granted that his will be fast and painless.  The only thing I have to watch for with him is to make sure he stays challenged.

I think I'm finally at a point where I don't feel like school conferences are a parental judging session.  I used to feel so much more nervous about them, almost like their teachers were my authority figure as well.  I loved school.  Worshipped my teachers.  That's probably why I felt like that.  I still very much like their teachers, but I'm feeling more confident in my own parenting now.  Maybe because my kids are doing so well, and I am so proud of them.  Maybe because I'm so very old.  Who knows.  But it's easier for me to talk to them now, I don't feel like they are smarter than me any more.  Even though they probably are...  It's one of those situations like I've mentioned before, when you get to that point as an adult that you realize that other adults are just people too.  I wonder what conferences are like for parents who have kids with behavior problems.  That would be so stressful!

Well, it's finally cool outside, people.  I love it!  It smells great outside.  I get to be outside a lot today--after I meet my cute little chihuahua friend for a cup of coffee I'll be watching my kids little cross country race at the school.  Then tonight I get to watch Nephew2 at a football game for his high school where he plays trombone in the marching band.  That should be very fun.  I think I'll put on my chunky, obnoxious fall bracelet today with all the leaves on it.  I love wearing that thing.  And I'll dress in brown and orange and red today.  I haven't taken the time to celebrate fall enough today, so I think this weekend that's my goal.  I need to really notice the leaves before they're all gone.  I need to smell the air, and have a fire at some point this weekend.  I need to wear cozy clothes.  I already had one cup of pumpkin spice coffee, I think I'll have another one.  And it's time to break out the crock pot cookbook.  Get out there and enjoy this, people--it will be gone too fast, and we have to remember to take some time once in a while to drink in this lovely season.  

And today, folks, if I have time, The Big Book of Christmas is coming out.

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  1. Fun time chatting with you can see after my busy schedule lately I am finally able to catch up on your awesome BLOG!! :) So happy to hear conferences went so well!! YAY for fall and pumpkin flavored coffee!! Muah! Oh, and I am off for 10 days now so.......maybe we can meet up again next week sometime?? Call you soon chica!