Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Feel Grateful Today

The couch and I were very good friends yesterday.  I spent a very large part of the day laying on the couch catching up on my tv shows.  I still have a ways to go, but I made good progress.  Hubby came home from work early in the afternoon and took me for a lovely fall motorcycle ride for a couple hours.  Definitely the highlight of the day.  I managed to get a couple loads of laundry washed, but that's it.  It was an extremely unproductive day, and I'm trying to be o.k. with that.  But today I absolutely have to get at least a couple rooms of the house under control.  My office is first on the list.  I had to shove a pile of crap aside in order to use the mouse a few minutes ago.  The junk pile is spreading fast, and it's driving me nuts.

At some point today I'm going to run over to Mystic Lake to meet up with my mom and my parents' best friends, who are here in town still this weekend.  They are MOH's parents, and they're very special to me.  So when they're in town I try to spend as much time with them as possible.  I'll hopefully get a couple things done before I head over there, although my shower this morning may be a long process.  I have motorcycle hair.  It's going to take a lot of conditioner to repair that situation.

So far it appears that my kids are getting back into their lives.  They went to school yesterday, and it looks like they had a regular, good day.  A is making dulcimers in his class (that's a one-stringed musical instrument, I think).  He's been sort of excited about it.  He likes making anything, he's a great artist, very creative, and loves any kinds of crafts.  But he missed the first day of dulcimer making on Thursday because of the funeral, so he was very upset as he went to bed Thursday night that he wouldn't be able to finish his dulcimer on Friday.  He was even crying.  I felt so sad for him, after such a long, sad day, that he found another thing to be sad about.  I kept telling him that his teacher understands why he was gone, and that I was sure he'd have some help to do his dulcimer, and everything would be fine, but I don't think I was making him feel better.  Then yesterday on Facebook I saw a post that another mom from the kids' school that I'm friends with was going to be there volunteering to help with dulcimers, and shortly after that she sent me a message that she helped A with his herself, and that he was sweet and everything was fine.  I seriously teared up.  It was so great to hear that he was having a good day, that his dulcimer project would be a good experience for him, and that another mom out there had my back yesterday.  That was the best part about it.  I love how there's this quiet sisterhood among moms out there.  Not all of us, because there unfortunately are a handful out there who just don't get it, but I know most of us are in this together.  It's those women I see at sporting events or school functions, or even at the store, who actually make eye contact with other moms.  And when we look at each other there's that moment of a connection, a smile, a comment, that makes you almost like instant friends.  And when you see the same moms all the time, like the moms of the kids in your own kids's classroom or the moms from the football or baseball team, it's even better.  You don't have to even know each other's names, but you know you're buddies.  And for me, writing this blog has made me so much more aware of that sisterhood.  We're all trudging through the same mud, and experiencing the same fears and the same joys.  And to my friend who helped my darling A with his dulcimer yesterday, you know who you are.  And thank you from the bottom of my heart for having my back.  It may not have seemed like a big deal to you at the time, but it certainly was to me.
So I guess this is a dulcimer.  Wow.  More complex than I thought . . .

Another fun thing that happened yesterday was that I received a jacket I ordered from the school parent group.  It's so fun.  It's the colors of my kids' school and it's got their names one sleeve, our last name on the hood, and it identifies me as a proud mom.  I love it.  I was telling SIL1 about it the other day, and she said, "so you're one of THOSE moms," with a wink.  And I said "yes I am."  And I am proud to be. Not only am I proud of my community and my school, but I am SO proud of my boys.  Somehow hubby and I must be doing something right, because they really are amazing little people.  Either that or God is just helping us out.  A lot.

I have to just brag for a moment.  At the funeral my little men were so sweet.  They were wearing new suits, and they looked so great.  They never complained about being dressed up, in fact I think they enjoyed it.  They never complained about anything, actually.  I didn't have to even pay attention to them that day, really.  They behaved perfectly without a stern look (which I'm super good at, by the way) or even a reminder.  During the gathering before the service, they spent the entire time greeting people, introducing themselves, and handing out "hankies" that they made by folding tissues into triangles.  I think they handed them out to everyone there.  They were very social and sweet when they should have been, and quiet and attentive during the service.  J quietly wiped my face with his handmade tissue.  As we walked out down the aisle of the chapel, J was waving at each row.  Dad would have appreciated the chuckles.  During the lunch the kids walked around visiting with everyone.  They rode with me and my mom in her convertible behind the funeral coach to the interment, and they were so good in the car for that slow ride.  Then after the interment, J was hugging everybody.  Seriously, everyone near him.  Whether he knew them or not.  Good thing I knew them all or it may have been awkward.  But I was so proud of them that day, and so grateful to them.  I have told them several times how proud I am, and I hope they really get it.  I am so blessed!

All right so back to my life.  This post got me through my first cup of coffee.  Time for my next one, and maybe I can get a couple loads of laundry folded before the dudes wake up.

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