Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chex Mix Hangover

So yesterday was a busy day.  I did put a post up, but took it down shortly after I posted it, because it got a little personal, and after thinking about it, I didn't think it was appropriate.  I can get as personal as I want about myself on here, but I have to be careful to not make anyone in my (extended) family uncomfortable by posting too much personal information on here about them.  So sorry about that.  I was REALLY grumpy when I wrote it yesterday morning.

Fresh start today.  Yesterday was A's birthday party, and we could not have asked for a prettier day.  There were lots of cousins running around, riding on the golf cart, playing in the freshly harvested corn fields, and playing hide-and-seek in the dark.  Awesome.  There was good food, I totally ate my weight in Chex Mix (oh and I'll probably have it for breakfast too), and lots of good company.  A had a great day.  He was sad when it was over, and he went upstairs and arranged all his presents the way he wanted them.  SIL3 got him a popcorn popper!  It's this cute little thing that looks like a vintage popper but it's an air popper.  And he's got it in his room.  Yikes!  I'm going to see what happens before I make him put it in the kitchen . . .  But it really was a lovely night.  The fire was warm, the beer was cold.  A felt like a rock star, and he was beaming when we sang him "happy birthday."

We did have some family drama yesterday, and a key person in our lives was not at the party.  I was so upset at first, but I'm trying to let it go.  It was his loss.  His choice to miss out, his choice to put us in the position of explaining to people (including the birthday boy) where he was.  But now that I look back on it, it's even more lovely how we can all be so close even during the drama, and how much we all enjoy each other as a family.  Nephew1 brought his girlfriend, and she is lovely and sweet.  There were 10 kids here, total.  And 16 adults.  I have a lot of cake left over.  That might be good with the Chex Mix for my breakfast.

Today my sister and her hubby are coming over to help us do a bunch of stuff around the house.  It should be kind of fun and productive.  Then later this afternoon we're going to go watch Nephew4 play football.  His team (6th grade) made it to the championship game, so it should be very exciting.  When sister was here yesterday, she had her dogs here with her.  They'll be back today to run around all day.  They are SO sweet and fun, and it really makes me want a dog.  We keep going back and forth about it, but I think we'll eventually get one.  Hubby and J have allergies, so we have to be careful about what breed we pick, but I think it's time.  We lost our little Buddy (our teacup Chihuahua) about 8 years ago, and haven't had a dog since.  But we have this perfect place for the dog to run around, and two boys who would love it like crazy.  So I might start doing some research and get closer to a decision.  Maybe a Christmas present?  It's something to think about.

Anyway, I need to go get my breakfast and get dressed.  I think I'll talk to the hubby about a dog today.

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