Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Fun Night

Lazy Sunday morning.  I've only had one cup of coffee so far.  I need to start some tasks today--I have to get the funeral thank you cards done and ready to mail, I have to clean, and I have to start getting ready for A's birthday party on Saturday.  I would also sort of like to take the kiddos to a movie, but we'll see . . .

So the costume party was last night and it was very fun!  Little Nephew5 had a great time, and he raked in some awesome presents, so all was good.  Hubby brought his new camera, so we have some good pictures.  But it looks like he stopped taking pictures about halfway in so we missed a lot of people.  But I guess that means that he was having too much fun at the party to remember the camera, so maybe that's a good thing.  My mom came, too, and it was fun to have her there.

SIL3's house looked SO great.  It's decorated beautifully anyway, but they always have it done up for the party, and they do an awesome job.  And the food was great--I'm still thinking about the cowboy caviar.  The main attraction was the costumes, of course, and I can't believe how creative people get.  There was a whole family of jockeys with the horses built into their costumes.  Hilarious.  There was a Star Wars family.  There was Caesar and Cleopatra.  Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.  The Grinch.  Popeye.  And lots of sparkly little girls with wings and tutus.  I loved it!  Here's some photos:
  J was a magician.

 A was a zombie doctor (awesome) and I was the weird blue witch with the blue hair.
Hubby was Zorro, 

And here's the birthday boy.  He's an Army Guy.
 Niece was a super cute little kitten, but her black teeth sort of freaked me out.  SIL2 and BIL2 were super cute as Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head...
 SIL3 and BIL3 were the Grinch and a Spider Witch.  BIL3 originally had creepy green teeth.
  Gramma (my mom) had her wax lips on.  She looked like a collagen job gone awry.

 SIL3's dad-in-law was Popeye.  He's a good sport.
So all in all it was a great night.  I should have known things were going way too smoothly, though.  Toward the end of the night J came running in from the back yard holding his head.  That's never something a parent likes to see.

They were playing kickball in the dark in the back yard (which is something, as we all remember, that is super super fun).  Apparently, he was running full speed and collided with a tree.  He ended up with a giant bump and scrape on his forehead, and we had to watch him for a concussion, and that ended the party for us.  Huge bummer for J.  It's so heartbreaking when kids are having so much fun in one second, and then in the next second it can turn to pain and fear from stuff like this.  He was very upset, and it was pretty sad.  I'm sure you parents know how when your kid is in pain--any kind of pain--you wish you could just absorb his pain for him, and feel it instead of letting him feel it.  I would have gladly taken the moment from him if I could have.  

He's fine now, but he's got a good lump on his forehead.  I have a feeling he's going to be nervous about going to school tomorrow, and all the questions he's going to get.  Geez--with A's broken arm and J's beat up face, should I start watching for a visitor from Child Protective Services?  Yikes.  My poor children.







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